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We provide SAP online training in SAP TM, EWM and EM modules. We have successfully completed 100+ batches and trained 500+ candidates. Our candidates are from all parts of the world and they have rated us as one of the best SAP online training company in India.

Our training happens in a live environment, where the instructor and student interact (via voice, screen sharing and share notes) using web conferencing tools like Gotomeeting and Skype. Have a look on the demo videos under knowledge articles section. You can also request for a free demo.

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S No Topics for SAP EWM 9.0 Sub Topics
1 Introduction to SAP EWM SAP IM and WM Solutions
    SAP ERP IM Solution: Key Features
    Warehouse - Typical Organization Structure
    SAP ERP Lean WM Solution: Key Features
    SAP ERP WM Solution
    SAP ERP Decentralized WM Solution
    SAP SCM EWM - Solution Overview
    SAP SCM EWM - Deployment Options
    SAP SCM EWM - Data Transfer between ERP and EWM
    SAP SCM EWM - Overview of EWM Processes
2 Master Data Core Interface from ERP Generate and Activate Integration Models
    Repeat Generation and Activation of IMs
    Change Transfer - Online
    CIF Customers, Vendors, Plant, Shipping Point, Materials
3 Outlining Organizational Structure Organizational Units in SAP ERP
    Organizational Units in SCM EWM
4 Basic ERP-EWM Integration Configuration in ECC for Basic Integration
    Configuration in EWM for Basic Integration
5 Warehouse Structure Warehouse Structural Elements
    Sample Warehouse Structure
    Warehouse Number
    Storage Type
    Storage Section
    Storage Bin
    Activity Area
    Material Staging Areas
    Work Centers
6 EWM Specific Master Data Warehouse Product Master Data
    Quants - How to Display
    Packaging Specifications
    Supply Chain Unit
    Supply Chain Unit Hierarchy
    Custodian, Owner and Default Party Entitled to Dispose
    Business Partners
    Handling Units
7 EWM Document Types Various Document Types in EWM
    Map ERP Document Types to EWM Document Types
    Map ERP Item Types to EWM Item Types
8 Inbound Processing: basic flow Purchase Order and Inbound Delivery in ERP
    Warehouse Request
    Warehouse Task
    Warehouse Order
    Goods Receipt in ERP
    Configure Availability Group for Putaway
    EWM Stock Types and Configure EWM Stock Types
9 Inbound Processing Manual Entry in Direct Putaway - Without Storage Type Search Sequence
10 Inbound Processing Manual Entry in Direct Putaway - With Storage Type Search Sequence
11 Inbound Processing - Fixed Bin Strategy Fixed Bin Strategy for Putaway
12 Inbound Processing - HU Management Material Packed in ECC HU: HU flowing to EWM
13 Inbound Processing - HU Management No Packing in ECC HU, Direct HU Creation in EWM
14 Inbound Processing - HU Management Putaway in EWM With HU
15 Inbound Processing - HU Management Putaway in EWM Without HU
16 Process oriented Storage Control (POSC) Process Run
17 Layout oriented Storage Control (LOSC) Material Flow System
18 Deconsolidation Process Deconsolidation: Manual Processs
19 Deconsolidation Process Deconsolidation: Rule Based Process
20 RF Framework Scenarion Run with RF Framework
21 Posting Changes, Stock Transfers and Replenishments Process Run
22 Processing Goods for Shipping - Outbound Scenario Basic Flow Sales Order and Outbound Delivery
    Warehouse Request
    Warehouse Task (Product WT and HU WT) Creation
    Warehouse Order Creation
    Goods Issue in ERP
    Stock Removal Strategy
23 Outbound Scenarios - 2 Scenarios Direct Stock Removal w/o Storage Type Search Sequence
24 Outbound Scenarios - 2 Scenarios Stock Removal with Storage Type Search Sequence
25 Warehouse Monitoring and Reporting Warehouse Monitor (Inbound and Outbound Activity Monitors)
    Stock and Bin Display
    Resource Management Monitor
26 Value-Added Services (VAS) Process Run
27 Quality Inspection with SAP EWM Process Run
28 Slotting and Re-arrangement Process Run
29 Configuring Multistep Warehouse Movements Process Run
30 Physical Inventory Process Run
31 Exception Handling Process Run
32 Yard Management Process Run
33 Kitting Process Run

S No Topics for SAP TM 9.0 Sub Topics
1 Introduction to SAP TM Introduction to SAP TM
    Different TM releases and versions
    Limitation of LE-TRA; TPVS Solution
    NWBC and SAP GUI
    TM Landscape and Architecture
    TM Processes and Scenarios
    SAP TM End to End - Standard Process Flow
    Full Truck Load v/s Less-than Truck Load
    Truck Load V/s Intermodal
    Single pick single Drop V/s Multi Pick Multi Drop Scenarios
2 Master Data Core Interface from ERP Generate and Activate Integration Models
    Repeat Generation and Activation of IMs
    Change Transfer - Online
    CIF Customers, Vendors, Carriers, Plant, Shipping Point and Materials
3 Organizational Units in SAP TM Organizational Units in SAP ERP
    Organizational Units in SAP TM
4 Transportation Relevant Master data in SAP TM Mode of Transport Category and Mode of Transport
    Means of Transport
    Location Master
    Product Master
    Business Partner Master
    Transportation Lanes
    Transportation Zones
    Vehicle Resource Master
5 ECC Sales Order Integration Relevant Business Functions
    Config Behind Sales Order Integration
    Service Interfaces Choreography
    Process Run
6 OTR Type in SAP TM Personal Object Work Lists/ POWL
    Understanding Order Based Transportation Requirement
    OTR Type Determination Condition
    OTR Type - Important Control Data
    Process Run
7 Freight Units in SAP TM Understanding Freight Units
    Freight Unit Building Rule - Strategies
    FU Type Control Data
    Process Run
8 Conditions in SAP TM Condition Types in SAP TM
    Data Access Definitions
    Relationship between Condition type and data access definition
    OTR Type Determination Condition
    FUBR Determination Condition
9 ECC Outbound Delivery Integration Relevant Business Functions for
    Config Behind Outbound Delivery Integration
    Service Interfaces Choreography
    Impact of Delivery Creation on SAP TM Planning
    Sending Delivery Proposals from SAP TM
    Process Run
10 Transportation Planning Understanding Transportation Cockpit
    Creating our own Selection and Planning Profiles
    Interactive Planning in SAP TM (Manual Planning)
    Drag and Drop Planning in SAP TM (Manual Planning)
    Optimizer Based Planning in SAP TM
11 Charge Calculation in SAP TM Freight Agreements
    Forwarding Agreements
    Agreement Types
    Transportation Charge Calculation Sheets (TCCS)
    Rate Tables
    Scale Base and Calculation Base
    Charge Calculation using Standard Method
    Charge Calculation using Clipping Mechanism
12 Supplier Freight Invoice Request/Freight Settlement Process SFIR - Standard Process
    Understanding SAP TM Freight Order
    Creating the Freight Settlement Document from FO
    Creating the FSD from POWL
    Partial FSD
    Collective FSD
    Post Accruals in SAP ERP
    Invoice Verification: MIRO Vendor Invoice
    Configuration Required
    Service Interfaces Choreography
13 Scenario Run - Shipper Basic Process SO > OTR > FU > Planning > FO > Charge Calc > SFIR > Accruals Posting > MIRO
14 Scenario Run - LSP Basic Process FWO > Charge Calc > FU > Planning > CFIR > Customer Billing